The securities have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended or with any other regulatory authority of any State or other jurisdiction of the United States or Canada and (i) may not be offered, sold or delivered within the United States or Canada, or to, or for the account or benefit of any U.S. Person or Canadian, and (ii) may be offered, sold or otherwise delivered at any time only to transferees that are Non-United States Persons and Non-Canadians.

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The gold standard

asset backed

Integrated with
financial markets

24/7 trading
on DeFi

New collateral for stablecoin issuance. treasury management. portfolio construction.

New collateral for stablecoin issuance. treasury management. portfolio construction.

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The future of finance is here. Connect your wallet and experience the gold standard for blockchain-based trading.

The gold standard

We never take custody of your assets. Our battle-proven infrastructure offers full transparency for robust trading.

Tokenize your assets

With Swarm, any asset can be tokenized and traded in a compliant environment, including real estate, carbon credits, private holdings, stocks and bonds.

Build your own marketplace

Embed a custom marketplace into your ecosystem using Swarm’s white-label platform.

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Tokenization Picks Up Steam With On-Chain Tesla and Apple Shares.

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Frequently asked questions

Swarm is a blockchain platform that brings novel digitization and trading solutions to the world of traditional finance. Day to day, we work with real-world-asset owners to tokenize collateral and build trading infrastructure in a compliant way. 

Swarm is the first organization in the world to offer tokenized US Treasury bills and public stocks that are tradable on a compliant decentralized platform.

Our platform opens up new opportunities for retail investors and institutional market participants, such as banks, hedgefunds, broker-dealers, asset managers and alternative investment industries, such as real estate, tech secondaries, carbon and music, as well as retail investors. Those already on-chain, from stablecoin issuers to tresury managers can also use our platform to deploy into less risky assets.

We can integrate blockchain with financial markets because we are compliant.

Our hybrid model combines the advantages of blockchain-trading with the trust and asset-range typically enjoyed by traditional exchanges.

Yes. SwarmX, the issuing entity, acquires publicly-traded securities, which then are then established as the underlying assets to the on-chain tokens. These assets are held by institutional custodians.

Swarm’s multi-asset platform enables users to tokenize and trade real world assets and securities alongside crypto.

Make sure you have a valid form of ID or passport to hand, when you start the registration process. The setup will only take a few minutes.

After your account has been verified, you are good to go.

Traders pay fees to liquidity pool owners for swapping assets. The pool creators set their own swap fee. 

Before a pool owner receives their fee, 25% of the pool’s swap fees or 0.1% of the assets being swapped, whichever is larger, will be made claimable to Swarm.