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Our infrastructure overcomes the compliance barriers of conventional DeFi venues by verifying all users and assets. As an AMM, we remove counterparty risk and open up new opportunities for institutional investors to access unique financial products and services. Let us fuel your growth too.

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What Swarm can do for you

Swarm offers a variety of ways to partner with financial businesses. We integrate compliant-first trading solutions with your services, connect crypto institutions with traditional asset flows and bring Web3-based tools to TradFi. Contact us to see how we can work together to meet your company’s compliance obligations. 

Existing partners

Gnosis have been building market mechanisms for decentralized finance since 2017 to make creating, trading, and holding digital assets on Ethereum safer. Swarm uses the Gnosis CPK (Custom Proxy Kit) to enable complex blockchain transactions in a single click.

Chainlink provides the industry standard for building hybrid smart contracts. Swarm leverages Chainlink price feeds to access secure and reliable data for off-chain-listed assets.

Copper is the award-winning new standard in digital asset security and thus the ultimate protection for trading platforms and institutions. We’re convinced that with Copper we’re in the hands of the best asset custodian out there.

Sumsub is a market leading provider of identity verification services. Swarm builds on their KYC/KYB technology in order to meet the highest compliance and security requirements, and make the safest possible place to invest and trade.

Moonpay is a crypto trading service that uses the highest standards of global regulatory compliance and licensing. Swarm integrated with Moonpay to enable FIAT payments for its crypto vouchers.

Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform, that safeguards low transaction fees and high security standards. Swarm implements the layer 2 scaling solution in order to provide its users with faster and cheaper transactions.

Partner with us

Find out how our bespoke solutions can integrate with your services and unlock new business opportunities for you and your clients.