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Crypto assets

Swarm is a secure place to buy, sell, swap and stake crypto assets, using your own Web3-wallet. Our infrastructure ensures hassle-free trading, best price execution and institutional-grade compliance across all wallets and assets. Available on both Ethereum and Polygon networks, you decide when to take control of your crypto portfolio.

Available assets

DAI (DAI Stablecoin)
SMT (Swarm)
Wrapped bitcoin
WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin)
ETH (Ethereum)
other assets


Swarm makes trading easy. Our unified infrastructure allows you to swap assets securely and cost effectively across multiple markets.


Adding your assets to pools provides liquidity for swap trading. Earn yield from trading fees as each pool’s market capitalization grows.


Our dOTC service lets you place large volume-based buy and sell orders, using a block-trade smart contract and removes slippage.