The securities have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended or with any other regulatory authority of any State or other jurisdiction of the United States or Canada and (i) may not be offered, sold or delivered within the United States or Canada, or to, or for the account or benefit of any U.S. Person or Canadian, and (ii) may be offered, sold or otherwise delivered at any time only to transferees that are Non-United States Persons and Non-Canadians.

Tokenized stock

Every tokenized stock you will be able to buy on Swarm will be backed by 100% real equity held by an independent custodian and will be fully redeemable.

Tokenized stock

What is a tokenized stock? 

A tokenized stock on Swarm is a digitized share in a publicly-traded company. This will not be a synthetic product. All stock tokens will be fully asset-backed by real equity held in custody.

While traditional stocks are traded at stock exchanges during market hours, you will be able to buy and sell tokenized stocks 24/7 here at Swarm.

The price of the token is pegged to the price of the respective underlying stock.

As the owner of the token, you will be able to benefit from the performance of the stock and use it to generate additional yield in DeFi.

Backed by real stocks

Every tokenized stock traded on Swarm will be 100% backed by real shares in a publicly-traded company. Underlying assets will be held securely by third party custodians. You will be able to hold your stock tokens directly in your Web3 wallet.

Multi asset DEX

Our regulated infrastructure overcomes the barriers of conventional automated market makers (AMM) by qualifying users and assets into its protocol. This will allow us to bring tokenized stocks to DeFi for the first time.

Single market solution

Our innovative setup will allow you to invest in tokenized stocks and trade them alongside crypto assets in a global unified market infrastructure.

Unlock new yield opportunities

Do even more with your tokenized stock in the near future: borrow and lend against your stock tokens, or stake them in an AMM pool to earn liquidity-provider rewards.


Our unified infrastructure allows you - among other things - to easily swap crypto with tokenized stocks and vice versa.


Enjoy worry-free growth: You can now earn additional yield on your stock tokens by adding them to a liquidity pool. This is a first in DeFi.


dOTC will enable contract-based block trades for regulated digital securities. It extends cost and time savings to high-volume traders.

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